Thursday, July 16, 2009

Useful tools for Delphi Developers

At the Sydney ADUG meeting last night I did a short presentation on some of the tools I use while doing Delphi development.

Here's last night's presentation for you to view online or download and watch later.

Tools that are covered in this presentation include

Additionally sites where you can obtain inexpensive or free software


At 20 July 2009 9:49 AM, Anonymous Jim Duff said...

Great work, Lachlan.

As I consider my self a Developer rather than a Programmer - been there, done that - I find it most productive to use tried and true software written by others, especially in Delphi, rather than reinvent the wheel.

(One cannot escape programming at all however, and I can safely say I am a one-eyed Delphi person.)

Your site is an excellent starting point for developers wanting to look for relevant tools and resources for enhancing their productivity.

And well done in getting a presentation together at short notice for the ADUG Meeting last week. We non-Sydney folk can benefit from the presentation via your web site.



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