Monday, January 03, 2005

Customising Delphi 2005 Help

I think it was just coincidental but a few days after I reintegrated the IntraWeb help into the Delphi 2005 IDE, the Delphi help on my PC imploded and wouldn't load the indexes for any help files.

It may have been caused by me running the Delphi setup again but I don't really know. Anyway if it happens to you here's the fix and also a way to customise the help system to remove help files you don't need.

  1. Open a command prompt and change the directory to $(BDS)\Help\Common.

  2. Unregister the help files with this command

    regHelp -7

  3. To reregister all help files again use this command

    regHelp 7

    If you wanted to be more selective with the help files that are registered you could try this instead which registers only the common help files and the Win32 help files.

    regHelp 5

    To register the common help files and the .NET help files only use this command

    regHelp 3

What do those numbers mean?

The numbers are made by adding up the values from the table below. To install you use a positive value and to uninstall you use a negative one.


For example to install just the common and Win32 help files the parameter would be 5 made up from 1 + 4 (Common + Win32). To uninstall them the value would be -5.

To see all the options available enter regHelp with no parameters at the command prompt.


At 18 January 2006 10:09, Blogger Pete Goodwin said...

When you say the online help imploded breaking the indexes... what do you mean by that?

I've got Delphi 2006 and I think something similar has happened to me. If I select certain keywords in source files (midiStreamOpen for example), I get 'topic not found' if I hit F1. If I manually search for the topic, it's there.

reghelp -7
reghelp 7

didn't fix anything unfortunately.

At 2 March 2007 22:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BDS 2006 is a WONDERFUL IDE; but all these bugs with the help system make it USELESS!! I'm using delphi 2006 (no VS installed) and can't access the help; I always get a window with 'Help Topics found' with the correct results in it, but when i click on one of the links, nothing happens (the window disappears!!). This is really a shame!! can't get any help of borland. found so many tips & tricks on the web but none seems to work for me??!! don't have the time to reinstall it!! I can't understand; is it a problem with ms help, with the .net framework, or with bds??


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