Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It's time to resurrect my long neglected blog. Once again I find myself embarking on new ventures and while the Sydney project ended in failure, I found writing this blog as I worked on Sydney helped me to focus my efforts and keep me motivated.

When you're self-employed maintaining focus and motivation is a continuing struggle. You can let yourself get so busy with your day to day work that you lose focus and don't have time for the bigger picture. Alternately motivation can be the problem and you can find yourself doing very little work at all. Of late I've found myself oscillating between those two extremes. A few weeks ago I was busy all day every day with my tech support consultancy fixing email, virus and networking problems for people. These past two weeks however it's been the opposite. I've been putting jobs off, wasting time on the internet, forgetting appointments and all for no good reason whatsoever.

So I'm resurrecting this blog to once again help keep myself honest. The basic premise is that since I don't really have a boss to report my progress back to, I'll report it here instead. As I said, I have some new business ventures in progress which I'll be writing about, plus I'll be sharing what I've learnt over the past decade about running a one man IT business.

Also because it's become such an important part of my life these past two years I'm going to occasionally bore you with my efforts to become a half decent long distance runner. Apart from that I'll keep my personal life out of this so if you're a friend of mine you have nothing to fear by my reappearance on the blog scene.

That should do for now. I'll post again tomorrow with a brief overview of each of the projects I'm currently working on.