Thursday, March 03, 2005

So so tempting

Back when I was moving house you might remember I was going to have to pay an extra weeks rent of $270 because I didn't give enough notice that I was moving out. Fortunately I was able to vacate early enough for the real estate agent to be able to find a new tenant before my notice period ended and so I didn't have to pay the extra $270. I was pretty happy about that since I just didn't have an extra $270 to waste on an empty flat that I wasn't using.

Stupidly though I forgot to cancel the automatic payment of my rent from my bank account resulting in me paying the extra $270 anyway. The real estate agent was quite good about it and about 2 weeks ago sent me a cheque for $270 reimbursing me for my accidental overpayment.

The twist to this story comes a few days ago when I received a second cheque for $270 in the mail. It's a mistake on the real estate agent's part, he's just forgotten he's already sent me a cheque. It even has an almost identical hand written note attached to it apologising for the delay.

I can think of many reasons why I'm morally entitled to a free weeks rent in my old house. The TV aerial socket never worked, the landlord refused to put in flyscreens over summer, and they didn't tell me before I moved in that I'd have builders doing repair work in my house for nearly a month.

I can think of even more good uses for that $270 right now also. Holes in my shoes and teeth, a wardrobe from 1999, an overdue Christmas present for my parents, and a girl to in vainly try to impress.

Whichever way I spin things though it's not my money. I can't say I haven't been tempted, if I'd had another reason to walk into a bank these past few days I think I would have deposited it into my account. It has to go back though and this public acknowledgement of that is designed to shame me into doing so. I'll take it back to them before the end of today and I'll post a comment below once I've done it.

That new pair of shoes will just have to wait.

A very well worn shoe