Saturday, February 12, 2005

All settled in

It's been almost a month since my last posting. About half that time I was busy with my moves and the other half of the time I guess I was settling into my new surroundings and just didn't get around to posting.

Time to get stuck into it all again though with the moves from my old home/office to a new house and a new office completed. Many thanks to the friends and family who helped me through the whole process, without you I would really have been lost.

It was a very busy time made just that bit harder by a big network setup job for a local business that came through almost the day I started my move. I would have put them off until after the move but I'd been chasing this job for 3 months and didn't want to risk losing it to someone else. So I've been spending my days at their offices these past few weeks and moving my furniture and boxes in the early mornings and evenings.

There's been no progress on the Sydney front but I am in a much better position now, both in terms of my work and home environments and my financial situation.

The new house is really quite good and my housemates are good people. There have been no problems between us but even if there were, I'm traveling light now with all my work equipment at the office so I can quite easily move to another shared house if I need to.

The new office I'm assuming is also quite good, but the truth is I've only been there four times in the past 5 weeks, each time for no longer than an hour or two. Lucky the rent is so ridiculously cheap or it would have been a real waste of money. Starting next week though I'll be making a real effort to spend more time there and get stuck into Sydney again.

I did have one unexpected stroke of luck during the moving process. The real estate agent was able to find a new tenant for my old place before my notice period ended and as a result I didn't have to pay that extra week's rent I thought I was going to have to. A nice little bonus just when I needed it, moving is always a strain on the finances even when you do it on the cheap.


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