Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Time to start packing

I'm starting to organise for the move to the new shared office space. I've received confirmation by email stating what the rent and bond will be and the date I can move in it so it's all stations go. The rent will be $55 per week and I can start moving in on the 16th of this month. My tenancy will be based on a handshake agreement between myself and the other tenants so I at least wanted those important figures and dates in writing from day one.

Currently I pay $270 per week for my 1 bedroom unit (home/office), sleeping upstairs and working, cooking, eating, washing in the one room downstairs. It's a little pricey mainly because of the location, almost in the centre of the city. I could justify the high weekly cost when I was paying for only half the rent, $135, with personal funds and the other half, $135, with business funds. Once I move into the new office though I can't really justify spending the whole $270 solely on a place to live.

So as well as moving to a new office I'll also be moving house. These last 18 months were my first experience of living alone in a 1 bedroom place and I have to admit I didn't really like it much. It's far too isolating especially when you're working alone most of the time as well.

I'll be going back to living in share accomodation and it's something I'm looking forward to. I'd lived in share accomodation for about 7 years with nearly 20 different people before my current house. It's not for everyone but I enjoy the variety you get from with living with people of all types.

I wouldn't consider moving back to share accomodation if I was still working from home. Nobody wants a flatmate that's home all the time or else they wouldn't after a few months of me hanging around the house all day every day. There's also the security aspect, usually flatmates are OK but then there's their friends, people who forget to lock the doors and parties where you don't know most of the people wandering around your house.

Hopefully I'll find a suitable share house in the same suburb I'm in now. My current suburb is ideal being in a central location, with excellent public transport on my doorstep and within walking distance of my favourite pubs and venues. A room for around the same rent as what I currently pay, $135 out of personal funds, will put me ahead by close to $100 per week and in a better work environment as well. After that there'll be no more excuses for not making the progress I should be.


At 4:03 AM, Anonymous Jimm said...

yes, it's so hard to find good and not expensive accomodation..

At 5:55 PM, Anonymous ipod said...

I'm agree, we spent about 2 week to find nice place for our office


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