Monday, December 13, 2004

Not as bad as it could have been

I've had a hard drive failure in my server over the weekend. It's a Western Digital 120GB IDE drive (a WD1200JB-00DUA3 to be exact) about 18 months old. It detects fine at startup but just doesn't respond to any requests and causes W2K server to freeze during boot. It's a data only drive so I've pulled it out and the server now runs fine.

I had a little trouble with this drive a few months ago but it started working again after a few days before I had a chance to look at it properly. After that I moved everything important to another drive, or so I thought I had.

It turns out I didn't move my StarTeam version control repository. I can't remember why I didn't, I probably just missed it. It's not as bad as it sounds, I may have lost my revision history of Sydney but I still have all the current source code on my development machine. If there had been any publicly released versions I would have lost the ability to recreate those versions for support purposes (although my build procedure DVD backups would hopefully save me here).

If I had to suffer some data loss, this isn't a bad way to suffer it. I've put the drive off to one side and if I ever make my fortune I'll send it off to a specialist data recovery service to recover some personal files that are on it. In the meantime it's a wake up call to me to improve my backup procedures and based on the lightning doesn't strike twice principle I should be right for a while now. Of course if lightning does happen to strike twice I'll have to be very wary. These things happen in threes you know.


At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any chance you could set up nightly backups of your repository? You were ok this time, it might not be so pretty once Sydney was out in the market. It'd also be a chance to set up other scheduled tasks if you haven't already, e.g. nightly builds.

Best of luck!

--Chris Coughlin

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