Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Work that footpath

I'm just back from distributing the first lot of 100 leaflets. It's a drop in the ocean that didn't even cover my own street but I'll do some more each afternoon for the next few weeks.

I'm starting at my house and working my way out in a slowly expanding circle. I don't want to have to travel far so hopefully the circle doesn't expand too much. When I get the amount of business I need I'll just stop distributing leaflets. I don't expect any calls or emails tonight but it would be nice to get one or two in the next week.


At 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One suggestion I'd make is targeting. My wife started a housecleaning business a few months ago and built a client list insanely quickly by targeting her flyers. Ordered 500 simple flyers she made on her computer and then drove around looking for expensive neighborhoods on the theory that people with lots of money are more likely to be able to afford to pay someone else to clean their house. She was right. The 500 flyers stuffed in mailboxes in those areas had about a 2% response, which is considered pretty high in direct marketing. So let's say from those responses she got 6 new customers. After she cleaned their houses, they were very pleased and recommended her to their friends. Now just about 3 months later, she has so many people calling from word-of-mouth referrals, that she's had to hire help and raise her rates 50%.

What I'm getting at here is that even though you don't want to travel far, your response rate is likely to be higher if you think about who your customers are likely to be and not waste time and flyers handing them out to people who aren't likely to be interested. Direct marketing like this typically has a very low response rate, so the more targeted you can be, the better your ROI. I've been looking at your site for the last day or so, but I haven't yet seen any comment on how effective this leaflet campaign was.


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