Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Today was also supposed to be the day

On the train this morning on my way to visit a client I wrote what was to be today's blog entry announcing the launch of my part time home computer troubleshooting business. I was going to visit this client in the morning then return in the afternoon to put my plan into action.

Seven hours later I'm just home from visiting the client and the plan will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm starting to wonder if I've given up one day job for another. I shouldn't be too hasty though, this sudden upswing of work is bound to be temporary. Soon enough I'll be poor, underworked and able to immerse myself in Sydney I'm sure.

So tomorrow's the day, if I can get back in time from the visiting two clients I've got booked in already. At least I've got the blog entry written in advance.


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