Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Today is the day

One week (and a day) late I'm ready to roll with the launch of my part time home computer troubleshooting business. The delay was mainly caused some unexpected work requests for my business IT consulting clients. I don't have too many of those clients, a legacy of focusing too much on a single major client, so I have to keep the one's I do have happy.

So here's the task list and how each is looking now.

  1. Register a business name
    This turned out to be unnecessary.

  2. Register a domain name

  3. Design some advertising material

  4. Develop a basic website

  5. Start up a relationship with a local hardware supplier

  6. Be able to accept payment by credit card or EFTPOS
    Organised but waiting on the bank

  7. Organise an answering service

So aside from accepting credit cards I'm good to go.

This afternoon I'll do a small print run maybe around 200 leaflets, and start distributing them between 4-5pm. At that time of day I'm hoping they'll sit on top of everything else in the letterbox and there won't be anything else to go on top of them before people get home and retrieve their mail.

The leaflet features the website address quite prominently so I'll use the website traffic stats as a rough guide to how many people find the leaflet interesting. I don't expect much but it would be good if say 2-4 potential customers come and take a look at the site soon after the first drop.

If you're curious about the website it would be good if you didn't go there for a few days as it will make it difficult to work out who's a potential customer and who's a blog reader. Here's a screen dump if you're really curious to see it. It's not much at this stage but it will for the short term.


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