Friday, June 18, 2004

Still no word

It's 2 days after I reduced my availability to my major client. I expected to hear from them yesterday but as yet I still don't know whether or not they want me to work on their integration project. I'm assuming this is because they're investigating how difficult it will be to find someone at short notice to work on it instead of myself.

I'm feeling somewhat indifferent about whether they want to bring someone else in to do it or not. If they do decide to use me I'll be reasserting my position, that being that I build the integration mechanism only and will only be available for a limited amount of time each week.

That's actually where my strengths lie, in learning new technologies and building mechanisms and frameworks for others to use. In my opinion the ideal situation would be for me build on those strengths to develop the mechanism for the integration. The developer of the custom system would then build on his strengths and knowledge of his system to complete the data matching using that mechanism.

Unfortunately the developer of the custom system is snowed under with bug fixes and new features. I understand their predicament but a lack of developer documentation for the custom system means he's going to be involved in the integration in a big way no matter what happens. I would really like to be able to do more to help them out of this, but to do more I fear would bind me to them for several more months at least.

So maybe they'll contact me today and let me know their decision. In the meantime I'm starting to make preparations to get a replacement income source happening. More on that soon.


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