Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Revenge of the body clock

For the last 4-5 months I've been waking and going to bed very early to try to find extra time to work on Sydney while still working my day job. This was working pretty well for me, I was able to double the amount of time I spent on Sydney during weekdays and then could revert back to more social hours for the weekend.

With the day job about to come to a halt and with other changes happening in my life I decided about a week or so ago to shift back to slightly more regular hours.

Shifting back has been a bit harder than I expected.

I think my mistake was I tried to shift my sleeping patterns over a single night. I only wanted to adjust them by about 3 hours so I just stayed up until about 11pm one night and set the alarm for 7am the next day. No problems so far so I just continued on the next night and the night after that.

I think it was about 3 or 4 nights afterwards that I went to bed around 11pm only to wake up around 3am for no real reason and unable to return to sleep. Energy drinks got me through a very long day at my day job and I fell soundly asleep soon after getting home that night. I thought it was a minor aberration until it happened again another 3-4 days later. For someone who has never had any sleeping problems it was annoying but I could persevere through it until I readjusted myself.

It's just happened again though. Another 3-4 days later and the night before last I woke, again around 3am, and again not able to go back to sleep. I guess my body is telling me something so I'll go back to waking up around 4:30am and slowly move my waking time back towards 7am.

It's strange that I didn't experience this sort of disruption when I first shifted my sleep patterns 4-5 months ago. I guess body clocks are just funny things that you really shouldn't mess around with too much especially when you're pushing yourself hard.


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