Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My position going in

OK let's see if I can walk the walk as well as I talk the talk.

I'm about to go off to start work on this integration project for my day job. This project, which came out of the blue last week, is the last major thing that I expect to do for this client for a while. After that I'll be working full time on Sydney.

What I don't want though is for this integration project to grow in scope or for myself to become so indispensable to it that I'm caught up with it for another few months. Adding to that risk is the fact that my client has just acquired another company and from August onwards will be integrating the IT systems of the two companies. If I'm still doing work for them then, it will be even harder to break away when a new round of integration work starts.

So I'm going in there today to make my position clear. I am prepared to

  • work 3-4 days per week on the current integration project,
  • work for a maximum of six weeks with a gradual decrease in the amount of weekly hours,
  • will set up a mechanism to facilitate the integration of their custom system with the Great Plains system,
  • will perform a limited amount of data matching between the two systems on essential fields,
  • will provide clear steps on how the remaining data matching should occur for the remaining unmatched fields,
  • do not anticipate being available for any significant amounts of work when it comes time to integrating with the newly acquired company.

So that's my position going in. I'll post again later tonight and see if I managed to keep my resolve or if I caved and agreed to work 6 weeks full time.


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