Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hello hard work and poverty

OK let's get down to business

First things first. Developing a software product is all well and good but inbetween now and when the dollars start rolling in I've got to eat and pay my rent.

These are the three ways I'm currently looking to meet my weekly expenses

  • Servicing the remaining clients of my IT consulting business
  • Starting a part-time home computer help business
  • Finding some casual work, perhaps in a local pub

Hopefully the first two will be enough to allow me to keep buying fresh fruit and choice cuts from the butcher but if they don't I'll look more seriously at the third option.

So what's first?

The existing consulting clients will just call up when they have a problem so there isn't much that needs organising there right now. What does need work though is the part-time home computer help business.

Here's my to do list

  1. Register a business name
  2. Register a domain name
  3. Design some advertising material
  4. Develop a basic website
  5. Start up a relationship with a local hardware supplier
  6. Be able to accept payment by credit card or EFTPOS
  7. Organise an answering service

Working with Leah today we decided to set Tuesday, 13th July as the target date to start advertising and hopefully take some calls. That's quite some time away, but I'll also be working on Sydney and doing the odd consulting job too. Between those three I expect to be very busy for the next few weeks.

Hang on tight, the rollercoaster is about to begin, this time for real.


At 4:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In terms of your to-do list, I'd scratch the answering service and the credit card pay options.

Only take cash or check--that's fine with most people, and for every CC charge, you have to give the bank a percentage.

As for the answering machine, a dedicated cell phone with voicemail should be sufficient. Seriously. You don't need to be Dell here.


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