Sunday, June 20, 2004

Everybody falls sometime

I went ice skating last night for the second time in my life. I think I did pretty well despite some shocking hire skates that twisted my left foot into yogic positions.

As a kid I was always terrible at these sort of things so I've been pleasantly surprised that as an adult I seem to have developed some coordination and balance. Of course as an adult I approach them in a more scientific manner, trying one thing at a time to see if it helps, adopting if it does and discarding it if it doesn't.

Here's the list of things that helped rather than hindered me as I cruised the rink at slow to moderate pace.

  • Watch the other skaters and copy the best ones.
  • Keep your head up, watch where you're going and don't worry so much about your feet.
  • Be brave, stand up straight (well just about straight) and let go of the side walls as soon as you possibly can.
  • Keep your cool, breath slowly and regularly even when you think you're going to fall.

I'm sure you can see where I'm heading with this. I won't dwell on it other than to say there's some substantial parity with these techniques and how I'm trying approach Sydney.

The only thing that disappointed me about the night is that I didn't fall at all during the whole 2 hour session. You've got to expect to fall sometime in whatever you do. If you don't you're obviously not pushing hard enough.


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