Tuesday, June 15, 2004

And the situation coming out

Going in I wasn't sure that I'd go through with it.

Once I was there I wasn't sure I was going to get a chance to do it.

Then at the end of the day just as the project manager was leaving I managed to snare him for a few minutes to discuss my availability for the project ahead.

I told him that I had another project that I was working on and that I wasn't willing to devote 6 weeks full time to their integration project. I said that I was available for 4 days per week for up to 4 weeks but after that I'd be looking to reduce my involvement to 2 days a week.

He said that he needed to know if I had other commitments and if I was tending towards those. I said I had other commitments and was tending towards those.

I said that I was interested in building the mechanism that performed the integration but not interested in doing a comprehensive field by field data matching between their custom system and Great Plains.

He said that while he didn't really know he felt the project would need a full time person for at least 6 weeks. I said that if the scope of the project demanded that then I would fully expect them to find somebody who could guarantee that availability.

He asked me not to do anymore work on the project until he'd had time to think it through and discuss it with upper management.

So that's the blow by blow description. It went very much how I expected and was very civil. I think I'll wait until tomorrow before making any further comment.


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