Saturday, May 29, 2004

Time to go

At the moment I'm busy trying to finish up the project I'm working on at my day job. In a few days it will be deployed to a some users in the field for live trials. No doubt there will be changes required from feedback from those trials and there are some new requirements from last week that need to be implemented.

There's also some maintenance work on a past project plus a few other smaller non-related tasks.

It looks as though there's about 1-2 weeks of fulltime work left but that might easily blow out to become 3-4 weeks with all these smaller tasks that keep popping up. An extra few weeks of fulltime wages would be a nice bonus to my emergency cash reserves.

Enough is enough though.

I'll probably work most of next week at my day job to finish off the most important tasks. After that though I think I'll make myself available to them for maybe a maximum of 20 hours per week (preferably less). Hopefully by cutting my hours right down it should start to force others to make do without me.

A gradual phase-out of my day job will also keep some money coming in and give me time to make arrangements for my yet to be organised casual job and/or hobby business (see Beer and movie money).

Of course this might backfire with those in charge at my day job deciding that they don't want to give me anymore work at all. If that happens it shouldn't be a big problem, I'll just have to get that alternate income source happening quickly. It would leave me plenty of time to work on Sydney though.


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