Friday, May 14, 2004

So what software am I writing?

I'll tell you later.

No it isn't a state secret. No it isn't anything particularly original. Yes there are already competitors out there. Yes if you ask me in person (but not by email) I'll probably tell you.

I'm just not ready to shout it to the whole internet just yet for a number of reasons.

  • It's currently vapourware, and may not ever come to market.
  • There are competitors but I think I've identified a niche that's not currently being serviced well.
  • I'm not yet working on this full-time and until I am, I don't need to be giving anyone a head start on me.

Besides at this stage what I'm writing about is more the process rather than the product. If you stick with me, don't do it to find out what the product is, I wouldn't want it to be a disappointment. When I've got something to talk about I'll reveal more details and start releasing early beta versions.

So what can you tell me?

I can tell you that it's a distributed system designed to manage large quantities of information. (Yawn)

Yes I know that covers everything from search engines to databases but that's about all I'm willing to say at this point.

So what do you call this thing?

Err... need a cool code name... can't think of anything...

How about Sydney? It's the city where I live, I can mention it in conversation without sounding silly, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the system I'm writing.

Sydney... that'll do. What do you mean it's not cool?


At 9:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a very interesting man, I guess :)
It is a question that brings me to your blog - what does "search software startup" mean? I want to translate it into chinese but don't know exactly what it means. :(
the sentence I want to translate is "we work together at a search software startup in X City"

by the way, wish you and your software a brilliant success!

my gmail is walteriii(at)
and my blog addr


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