Saturday, May 01, 2004

Firstly what this isn't

  • It isn't about my cats (I don't have any).
  • It isn't about my girlfriend (None of your business).
  • It isn't about my TV viewing habits (I don't have a TV).
  • It is about writing software as an independent developer.

More specifically it's about me writing a particular piece of software. A piece of software that hopefully I'll be able to sell and make a decent living from for a couple of years at least.

This blog is going to document the process of producing that software from the initial research phases through design, coding and eventually the marketing and hopefully sale of the final product.

Why am I bothering to do this?

A couple of reasons, including

  • to keep myself honest. I'm going to be working primarily on my own here with no-one checking up on me so maybe posting here will hopefully provide me with some sense of accountability however flimsy that may be.
  • to possibly help those who may come after me. Whether it becomes an example of how to build a successful software business or a comedy of errors that run me into the ground hopefully someone will learn from my experiences.
  • to maybe receive some advice from others on the decisions I'm sure to face.
  • to maybe build some outside interest in a vapourware product in the hope that readers may one day purchase, recommend, or develop for the product.
  • Oh and I mustn't forget vanity.

So that's the rational behind this. I'll try to keep the vanity posts to an absolute minimum and instead post only substantive items about my progress, what I've learned along the way, mistakes I've made and the resources I'm using to help me.


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