Sunday, May 23, 2004

Balancing your new venture with your day job - Part 2

Is your day job the right one for you?

Your well paying day job may be a great job for a career employee, but it may not be the best job for a would be entrepreneur. My experiences in the day job I had prior to this one taught me to watch out for jobs that demand you

  • work overtime,
  • take work home with you or
  • be on call.

A day job that demands these things will not leave you time to work on your new venture. If this sounds like your day job you need to consider changing to one that won't spill over into the time you allocate to your new venture.

Make sure you don't become indispensable in your day job. Becoming indispensable is great for career employees but for a potential entrepreneur it can make it very hard for you to leave when you're ready to. If you are already an indispensable member of your team, start training your replacement now.

My previous day job demanded all of these things from me. I was working at all times of the day, and even when I wasn't working I would receive numerous phone calls to respond to the crisis of the day. If I didn't take the calls there was nobody else who would have. I spent 3 months trying to start work on Sydney while in that role without making any real progress.

When a chance to move to another section arose I jumped at the it. I was very lucky in that I was able to recommend a replacement for myself who had previously worked in the same role. Because of that I was able to transfer almost straight away rather than having to train somebody up.

In this new section I took on a more junior position with much diminished responsibilities. From that point on though once I left the office I didn't have to think about my day job until the next morning. Not surprisingly I started to make some headway on Sydney to the point where now I'm ready to leave my day job completely and make Sydney my day job.

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